Meet the Bloggers

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Elizabeth D. Brown is a twenty-three-year-old junior at the King's College studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics with a minor in Media Studies. Her passions include stress cleaning, reading and over-discussing classic literature aimed at a much younger audience, coaxing her roommates into a roaring ugly laugh, and storytelling; the latter of which she hopes to make a career of.


After birth and eighteen years of living, Jared Seth Umberger came to The King’s College to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He enjoys reading, writing, food, fashion, (food fashion), hot beverages, banana stands, and Time and Relative Dimension in Space. Interests aside, one day he aspires to become an ambassador or quite possibly a Literature professor at Oxford where he can walk the same halls as his literary hero, J.R.R. Tolkien.

Born in Maryland, Jeremi moved to Sofia, Bulgaria, when he was six weeks old and spent the next 18 years of his life there, where his parents were missionaries. He loves sports, piano, making short videos, watching movies, riding his bike around NYC, occasionally reading a really good book and writing. Jeremi is a sophomore at King's and is captain of the baseball team.


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Lauren Schuhmacher is a twenty-year-old sophomore at The King’s College. Originally from San Antonio, Texas, she now claims New York as her home. Lauren studies Media, Culture and the Arts with a Literature minor, and plans to keep writing post-grad.

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Michael Roome was born in Northern California, where he lived until moving to Sao Paulo, Brazil for six years at the age of sixteen. Michael enjoys playing and watching sports, reading, acting, is a self-proclaimed "coffee snob" and loves exploring the many sights and sounds of the city. In his Junior year at The King's College, Michael works part-time in the Athletics department and also interns for a retired UN diplomat.

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Sarah Buzzelli is a sophomore and an MCA major at The King's College. She lives alone in Harlem and works at a cafe in Chelsea. She loves to read, write, and spend her weekends going out with friends in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan. 


 Kristie Garrell is a sophomore studying Media, Culture, and the Arts at The King’s College. She loves exploring Central Park, thrift shopping, and listening to music. One day Kristie hopes to own an alpaca farm in Peru and write children’s books.


Kelly Cannon is a Sophomore at the King's College studying PP&E. She hails from San luis Obispo, CA and currently lives tucked away near under the Brooklyn Bridge. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys reading fiction and poetry, drawing, and indulging in good film. She loves long walks in the rain and baking bread. Kelly hopes to stay in academia as long as she can, though her greatest aim is to have a family farm with lots and lots of rowdy children.


Alexander J. Ige is a student at The King’s College, NY, majoring in Media, Culture, and the Arts and minoring in Philosophy. He wants to professionally write instruction manuals and syllabi in the form of personal essays, but he first has to learn how to read. 



Alli O'Donnell grew up in a small town in Louisiana called Eunice. After a few strange adventures in chicken farming and horseback riding, the homeschooled nine-year-old forsook her country duds to move to the big city of Las Vegas with her family. Working around the Mojave heat, she explored the desert when it was cool enough and read books when it wasn’t. After completing her four years of high school at a small Christian school, Allison came to The King's College in New York City, which she is currently attending as a sophomore.


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In his 21 years of life, Jeremy Hinen moved 14 times before finally settling in New York City. Jeremy is now a middle-of-the-road junior at The King's College, majoring in Media, Culture, and the Arts with a Business Minor. Following college, he'd like to work with location unit management in New York's bustling film industry. In his free time, he enjoys filming time-lapses and traveling between the five boroughs.